MR. LOCHNER: Our idea for this panel is, rather than have individuals each give 5-minute or 10-minute presentations as is usually the practice, that I would simply pose some questions and issues and have everyone respond. We would also like your participation and questions as they come up. Obviously, we’d like to let the panelists talk as well, but if you have questions or comments you want to make as we go along, that would be terrific. I think probably everybody knows our panelists, but just for formalities, from my far right — where I don’t think he belongs — Charles Elson, who’s the Edgar S. Woolard Professor of Corporate Governance and the Director of the Center for Corporate Governance at the University of Delaware. Next, we have Holly Gregory, who is a partner at Weil, Gotshal and Manges and has been practicing in the area of corporate governance for quite some time. To my left, where he doesn’t belong either, Terry Gallagher, who is the former Vice President for Corporate Governance at Pfizer and really was instrumental in creating the Pfizer model of corporate governance. Terry is now CEO of Corporate Governance Associates, LLC, which is a consulting firm in this area. And to the far left, Ann Yerger, who’s the Director of Research for the Council of Institutional Investors, which represents — how much are we talking about in assets these days, Ann?