Anastasia P. Boden

Anastasia P. Boden

Staff Attorney, Pacific Legal Foundation

Topics: Civil Rights • Constitution • Due Process • Federal Courts • Federalism • Federalism & Separation of Powers • Federalist Society • First Amendment • Founding Era & History • Fourteenth Amendment • Jurisprudence • Law & Economics • Litigation • Philosophy • Politics • Regulatory Transparency Project • Separation of Powers • State Governments • Supreme Court

Anastasia Boden is an attorney in PLF’s Economic Liberty Project, where she challenges anti-competitive licensing laws and laws that restrict freedom of speech. 

Anastasia’s practice largely consists of representing entrepreneurs and small businesses who find themselves in a bureaucratic nightmare when simply trying to earn an honest living.  Anastasia’s lawsuits have led to legislative reform in Montana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Nevada, and California.

In addition to litigating, Anastasia testifies before legislatures on the impact of occupational licensing on entrepreneurship.  Her writings have been featured in the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, Forbes, and more.  In 2015, Anastasia was selected for the Claremont Institute’s prestigious John Marshall Fellowship.

Anastasia earned her B.A. with Dean’s Honors from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and her law degree at Georgetown, where she was Research Assistant to Professor Randy E. Barnett (aka the “Godfather” of the Obamacare challenge).  Prior to joining PLF, she worked at the Cato Institute’s Center for Constitutional Studies and at Washington Legal Foundation.