Kenneth Anderson

Prof. Kenneth Anderson

Professor of Law, American University Washington College of Law

Kenneth Anderson is professor of law. He teaches and writes in the areas of business and finance, both domestic and international; law and economics; and public international law, international organizations, human rights, and the laws of war. His current research agenda for 2010-11 focuses on targeted killing and drone warfare in armed conflict, and robotics and the law generally; global governance, global civil society and legitimacy; financial regulation reform (with Steven L. Schwarcz); and concept of proportionality in the law of war, the philosophy of value, and cost-benefit analysis. Professor Anderson's book on UN-US relations, Returning to Earth: What Multilateral Engagement Means in UN-US Relations, will appear in 2011 from The Hoover Institution Press; and together with Duke University's Steven L. Schwarcz, he is at work on "Reforming Financial Regulation" for Oxford University Press. Editorial board member of the Journal of Terrorism and Political Violence and political sciences advisory editor to the Revista de Libros (Madrid), Professor Anderson actively blogs at the Volokh Conspiracy and the international law blog Opinio Juris. He is a contributor to the Times Literary Supplement, Revista de Libros, Wall Street Journal, Weekly Standard, New York Times Magazine, Financial Times, Policy Review, and other general interest reviews. Professor Anderson will be a visiting professor at the University of Virginia School of Law in Spring 2011.

  • J.D., Harvard Law School 1986
  • B.A., University of California at Los Angeles 1983
Treaties and National Sovereignty Conference
2012 National Lawyers Convention

2012 National Lawyers Convention

The Future of U.S. Constitutional Law in the Supreme Court

The Mayflower Hotel
Washington, DC 20036
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