Stephen R. Klein

Attorney, Pillar of Law Institute

Stephen Klein is of counsel with the Pillar of Law Institute, a nonprofit public interest law firm that protects citizens nationwide from unconstitutional campaign finance laws, and partner with Statecraft PLLC. He is a member of the Federalist Society’s Free Speech & Election Law Practice Group Executive Committee. An experienced free speech attorney, Steve has successfully fought for the First Amendment rights of his clients against local, state and federal regulators. As a lobbyist, Steve’s advocacy has led to the successful amendment of state laws to respect political engagement and prevented the enactment of laws that burden it. Steve earned a bachelors degree at Hillsdale College and law degree from Ave Maria School of Law, where he served as Managing Editor of the Ave Maria Law Review.

2015 National Lawyers Convention
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2015 National Lawyers Convention

The Role of Congress

The Mayflower Hotel
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Washington, DC 20036