The Faculty Division seeks to facilitate dialogue among law professors interested in limited government, the separation of powers, Constitutional theory, the original understanding of the Constitution, and the importance of property rights and free markets. We strive to promote discussion with critics of these ideas and to help all involved broaden and deepen their understanding of law.

2017 National Lawyers Convention


Click to play: Gill v. Whitford [SCOTUSbrief]

Gill v. Whitford [SCOTUSbrief]

Short video featuring Robert Popper

What are the constitutional limits of gerrymandering? Robert Popper of Judicial Watch gives an overview...

Topics: Constitution · Supreme Court

Click to play: Sessions v. Dimaya [SCOTUSbrief]

Sessions v. Dimaya [SCOTUSbrief]

Short video featuring John Eastman

Is immigration enforcement subject to the same standards as criminal law? Professor John Eastman of...

Topics: Criminal Law & Procedure · International & National Security Law