Corporate Governance in 2018: Social Responsibility or Political Action?

Corporations, Securities, & Antitrust Practice Group

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Axios recently opined that:
Be it guns or global warming, a fascinating trend is unfolding in the Trump era: Corporations, under intense social pressure, are filling a void left bygovernmental gridlock or avoidance. (emphasis added) … [t]his phenomenon is inspired not by the pure benevolence of corporations. Instead, it’s intense pressure from social media mobs …
Seeking a remedy to the “governmental gridlock,” Senator Elizabeth Warren introduced the Accountable Capitalism Act,which would seem to codify political government involvement in what has historically been viewed as the exercise of free market capitalism by U.S. based business entities.
Charles Elson and Mark Nance join us to discuss this trend and what the law regarding a board’s duty to stakeholders is and should be.
Charles Elson, the Edgar S. Woolard, Jr., Chair in Corporate Governance and the director of the John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance at the University of Delaware.
Mark Nance, Senior Vice President and Global General Counsel for Mylan N.V
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