The Regulatory Transparency Project: What and Why?

Regulatory Transparency Project Teleforum

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The Regulatory Transparency Project seeks to combat the excesses of the administrative state in this country. All too often, over-regulation of the economy stifles innovation, productivity, opportunity and ultimately, the American Dream. We want people to look at regulations which are burdensome and extremely inefficient and not simply submit to them as the cost of doing business but rather, look for real and concrete ways to change them for the better.

The RTP is a years-long endeavor designed to reach and to educate a broad audience. The purpose, in part, is to illustrate that regulatory excess is not a partisan issue but, a good government issue. We believe that such an approach can lead to both immediate change and, more importantly, development of a healthy societal skepticism of regulation.


  • Amb. C. Boyden Gray, Founding Partner, Boyden Gray & Associates
  • Devon Westhill, Director, Regulatory Transparency Project

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