Understanding Brexit – Facts, Law, Policy, and Principle

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On March 29, Britain will exit the European Union. That simple statement raises a seemingly endless swath of questions. Brexit itself has spawned a new vocabulary – from “backstop” to “Withdrawal Agreement” – that make it hard merely to follow the story. Behind that vocabulary is a range of important legal questions – from Britain’s status if the Withdrawal Agreement is adopted to what its position will be if it exits without a deal. Of course, Brexit also raises important questions of trade, investment, and migration policy – and much more – for both Britain and the United States. And finally, there is the fundamental point that Britain’s exit from the EU is a reassertion of its national sovereignty and therefore of its ability, and right, to govern itself – a principle of vital importance to the United States. Brexit will open new opportunities for both Britain and the U.S. By understanding its legalities and complexities, the U.S. legal profession will improve its grasp of both those opportunities and the principle behind them.


Dr. Ted R. Bromund, Senior Research Fellow in Anglo-American Relations, The Heritage Foundation

Ben Perry, Partner, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP

Moderator: Tom Rogan, Commentary Writer, Washington Examiner


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